Pioneering AI character conversation game Bot Colony enters open alpha

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game where you choose exactly what your character says? Enter Bot Colony, an episodic sci-fi adventure game where players can have an authentic conversation with AI, and expect sensible responses in return.

In the game, which entered open alpha yesterday, players take on the role of a robot cognition specialist who has to find out why robot sensors have gone missing. This all takes places on a futuristic South Pacific island populated partly by robots with whom the player must interact as part of their adventure.

Unlike other games, Bot Colony uses an advanced form of ‘Natural Language Understanding’ which basically means that characters are able to understand human language and respond to it. According to indie developer and R&D company North Side, characters in the game understand and respond better than other popular bots such as Apple’s Siri.

Players can not only issue commands to ingame characters through voice and text, but they can also ask them to clarify things the characters have said, give opinions to them, and also ask further questions.

North Side CEO Eugene Joseph expressed confidence that “the ability for characters in a game to understand what you say and respond in an intelligent way has the potential to change the gaming world.”

Bot Colony entered an open alpha state yesterday after more than six years in development. Judging from an announcement on the game’s official website, the release is intended to allow the developers to build up funding to finish the game.

It is currently available for purchase as part of a subscription on their official website and already been greenlit by the Steam community.

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